Crystal Motor Company: Northampton – Review

Well, if you ve been reading my blog for a while, you will know of the problems I have been having with cars, thought I would write a review of Crystal Motor Company – Northampton

I originally put a deposit down on a Toyota Celica at a garage in Northampton called Crystal Motor Company.

The guys were really pleasant, and left me to decide on the car in my own time if I liked the car or not, and I had a couple of test drives. I was due to pick up the car on Saturday the 1st of September, as I was starting my new job on the 3rd.

I rang the garage on the morning of the 1st to check all was well, only to be told that the engine had blown up on the Friday during it’s MOT. At that point, I was mortified, and in a bit of shock…as I didn’t know how I was going to get to work for my new job.

I decided that I didn’t want the car anymore, as it was a non starter, and the fault was not know. Crystal also tried to talk me into buying any of the other cars they had…none of which interested me. So, I asked for my deposit back, ‘No problem’ they said.

So after a fortnight of me chasing twice a day, and being told ‘the person that needs to process the refund is busy/taking a call/out’ I still don’t have my refund. I was also told they would put the money into my account, then told it would be by cheque…and now they tell me they will refund to my card, but I won’t hold my breath.

So, overall…the pre-sales were fine….just don’t expect much when it goes wrong.

Update: 20/09/2012 – I have now received my refund, thank you! It only took 3 weeks….

These opinions are my own…you may have a really good experience with them….I didn’t.

18 thoughts on “Crystal Motor Company: Northampton – Review

  1. When I purchased my Landrover Discovery from Crystal Motors I was assured that all problems that could potentially happen would be covered under the “NO QUIBBLE WARRANTY”…… DON’T BE FOOLED !!!!!!!!!!! its an in-house warranty and worthless. Nice salesmen though.
    I identified many problems with the vehicle prior to collection and many more after collection including:
    severe power loss, leaking steering box, sunroof severely leaking and motor corroded, central locking faulty, passenger window faulty to name but a few of the faults.
    After many phone calls and letters they actually took the vehicle in for repair and despite having the vehicle for two days actually done nothing to rectify anything.
    I don’t expect to spend £6000 on a vehicle and then find the need to spend over £2000 to put it right.
    Despite many month’s, letters and phone calls I find the after sale care at Crystal Motors to be more like NO CARE !. If you call them they will not call you back, there will fob you off…..constantly. Once you do get there attention via legal intention they will call you back promptly, make an agreement then not follow through. Should you then chase them further they definitely call you back, not to deal with the matter however but to issue abuse and threats of violence towards you.
    I am now pursuing this matter legally as a year has nearly elapsed and this matter is still not resolved.

      1. thank-you for your comment. its about time people stood up to these rapscallion companies. will keep you informed upon eventual resolution, best regards.

  2. I really don’t understand or think that it’s fair to post reviews like this because as we know we are a country that’s full of moaners, but no one ever bothers to comment when things go well,

    We have purchased several vehicles from Clint at Crystal Motors and we have always had the most excellent service, hence we return and also recommend our friends to buy from him as well, the pre-sales and after sales have been brilliant and we have no reason to complain whatsoever!!
    In fact I we have had 6 cars from them in all with no problems at all.

    No I am not related or friends with Crystal Motors and I am not being paid for this review BUT LET’S PLEASE RECOGNISE CREDIT WHERE IT’S DUE!!!!

    1. Hi Janet and Graham,

      Thanks for posting, and in the interest of freedom of speech, I have approved your post.
      People who have a bad experience are more likely to tell people of their experience than those who have a good one. I just want to make people aware of the experience I had.

  3. I ve just bought a car from crystal and when I travelled back too Anglesey I had a problem withthe coil pack and spark plugs, I phoned clint up and exexplained the problem to him and he resovled it wothin hours I honestly hand on heart trust this company and found it worth a drive too Northampton to buy a car from them and when the time comes will definitely be going to purchase my wife car from them if they have a suitable one in stock overall I found them honesty and of hoght integrity and would recommend them too anyone who was considering buy a car from them as they are only a phone call away and stick too there word a★ service

  4. We are currently going through a similar experience to yours, Minty.. will put it all down once we’ve got the car back later today.. wouldn’t recommend them to my worst enemy.

    1. but what is indicative of their service is: whilst their ‘feedback’ page is full of positive comments (quite obviously written by themselves) – the facility to put in our feedback doesn’t work… why not?

      1. six weeks later and we’ll still in the throes of these car ‘specialists’ finding out why the £5,000 car suddenly stopped working and continues to suddenly stop working, even after they fiddle with it and request £750 IN CASH with NO RECEIPT.. Trading Standards are investigating..

  5. My name is RAchael and I work in reception at Crystal Motor Company, just to confirm that your invoice has been posted to your home address. The problem with the alternator was rectified and paid for by ourselves. This was for the Carbon Bushes which is not part of the warranty. Trading Standards are NOT investigating. As a goodwill gesture we fixed the car for £625 + vat when you advised us that Allen Ford were going to charge you £1950 saving you £1200. You were also provided with a courtesy car for the time we had your vehicle. After speaking to you last week you seemed perfectly happy when you left. It is just such a shame that people are very quick to comment about bad reviews, What about ALL the GOOD ones!!!!!
    We have been trading for over 20 years with thousands of satisfied customers.

    1. I just bought a car from Crystal Motor Company and i didn’t have any problems.
      Person was serving me was very nice and helpfull . They told me what i wanted to know . Very honest and great service … My car is running well and definitely I will go back to Crystal to buy another car if will need it.

  6. we just bought car Zafira 2002 from Crystal Motor Company.
    The Person was serving as was very helpfull .
    They told me what i wanted to know and.
    . Very honest and great service …

    i didn’t have any problems with the car.

    My car is running good and definitely I will go back to Crystal if will need buy next car.


  7. I bought an Audi TT from Cristal Motor and have no problems whatsoever with the car. I can recommend them as a first class garage in every way. Very helpful, co-operative and and reliable. Many thanks. Dan

  8. OMG I was looking for a car and somebody told me about Crystal Motor Company so I googled them to see all these reviews which did not look good for this company. However they had the car I needed at the right price so I decided to go and have a look. WELL what a surprise. The staff where great and friendly so I looked around the car and it all looked fine had a drive and really liked the car so I took the leap and bought it. Well 3 days later I picked up the new car and was over the moon with it and drove away happy. Well then it all starts the next morning, I wake up to go to work in my new shiny car drove onto the duel carriage way and the car started to splutter then it came to a stop! I was mad!! I called the garage and told them what has happened. Well 10 minutes later the owner turned up looked at the car and tried to start it ( at this stage i was wondering what I had done ). The owner then looked at me and told me that it was all my fault I then got angry WHAT DO YOU MEAN I shouted he replied you have ran out of petrol he then called the garage and somebody turned up with fuel I did not know what to say they put a full can of fuel in. I the offered him the money and they would not take it.


    1. I assure you, we all have lives. Some people have bad experiences, others good.

      It is important that future customers are aware of both sides of the story.

      Oh and chill out with the CAPS, you’ll find your comments might be received better….

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