More Car Fun – VW Golf ESP Light on

Well, clearly I had forgotten how much of a nightmare it is running your own car!

The ESP (traction control) light came on last week…knowing this would likely result in a large repair bill, I did some google research to find out how much…

From the search results it seemed to be a fairly common problem, so much so, it even made an appearance on the BBC show ‘Don’t get done, get Dom’. As a result, VW were contributing to this repair…happy days!

I booked in with Lister VW Leamington, their team seemed quite aware of the issues. I had to agree to a £60 investigation fee, which would not be charged if it turned out to be the ABS pump, and VW were going to contribute.

I called the dealer at lunch time for an update…it was still being worked on. I got a call back at 3pm to tell me the work was complete, and VW had paid 100% of the bill! Amazing! I didn’t even need to shout!

Considering it is a 55 plate Mark 5 and has done just short of 60k miles, I am really chuffed with VW’s customer service!

I also noted whilst at the dealership, they do discounted servicing on older VW’s, so I think I will be using them for all future work…especially the cam belt due next year.

Thank you Listers VW, and thank you VW UK.