Carpetright – Cheltenham: Lacking in aftersales care!

Looking back over my past posts, you might think I am a grumpy git…

In my defense, if companies just did what they said they would, I would not be grumpy!


This moan is about Carpetright in Cheltenham, at the Gallagher retail park.

We selected our carpet fairly quickly, and arranged for a chap to come and measure up our stairs and landing to get a proper quote. That part of the process was smooth. We were happy with the quote, and decided to proceed (Although we were pressured slightly to accept the quote before the ‘sale’ ended). A date was booked for the 29th June (today!).

We were contact last week to say their fitter was actually on holiday on the 29th, so we would need to re-book. We were not happy with that, as it had already been booked for over a week. Fortunately, the store manager was able to call in a favor, and had another contractor who could fit it on the 29th at 10am. Excellent!

Well it is now 12 o’clock on the 29th…and we still have bare stairs. We have spoken to the store, they have been unable to contact the fitter. So what do we do now? I have a good mind to go in on Monday, kick up a stink, and get my money back.

Update: They have confirmed it isn’t happening today. They have re-booked us for next Saturday, oh goody!


Next moan might be later today. We are going to Dunelm to exchange a faulty item. Can’t wait!

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