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AudioVox Media Bridge 1501 AVW – Golf MK5

So today, I installed the AudioVox Media Bridge in my Golf.

Installation went OK, got the usual cuts and scrapes that one always get when putting your hands behind a dashboard…

The kit itself ‘should’ be great. I say ‘should’ because at the moment…it doesn’t work! All I get from the unit is ‘no usb device’, even when trying to select bluetooth mode. Very frustrating. I have logged a support email with AudioVox, and with the place I purchased the kit from. Hopefully it will be an easy fix, maybe I missed something in the operating manual. (Yes I did read it!)

I will post a full review when/if I get it working.

Edit: It’s amazing what a good nights sleep will do for the brain!

This morning I woke up, and went to the car to start fiddling. I managed to get the device to play audio from a USB memory stick, so feeling brave, I tried to get it into bluetooth mode. Low and behold it worked, now to start pairing…oh, my phones in the house…

OK, so now I have my phone, lets try that again….

Try as I might, I could not get it back in to pairing mode. Then, in a flash of inspiration, I thought; ‘unplug it and plug it back in’, and it worked! This must have reset the device, so I went back into BT mode, paired the phone made a quick test call, and streamed some music.

All seems well now. BT audio quality is excellent. Call quality is good too. I have the microphone mounted on the air vent to the right hand side of the steering wheel, I may move it to the top of the A-pillar next time it stops raining.

Expect a full review soon, in the meantime, if you have any questions post a comment below.

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